As you start your spring cleaning this March, don’t forget to empty your closet of the heap of clothes you have stored away. Take some time to go through your drawers as well to gather clothes you no longer wear and toss it, donate it, or consign it with us at Too Good. Here are some great spring cleaning tips:

Toss everything you own in the center of your room as if you’re discarding everything you own. This strategy will allow you to see how much stuff you have as well as make you question why you’re still holding on to some items. It will also give you the opportunity to see what your wardrobe is lacking in terms of the latest fashions.

If you get stuck on a question of whether to discard a particular garment, use the “one year rule”. Chances are you’re not going to wear that shirt if you haven’t worn it in a year. There is an exception to this rule and that includes dresses only. You don’t wear dresses on a daily basis, so if you haven’t worn it in a while, wait until you do so.

Divide your clothes into three piles: trash pile, donate pile, and consign or sell pile. Here’s the easiest way to decipher your clothes piles: If the item is no longer in good wearable condition, toss it; If the item is in good wearable condition but doesn’t hold much resale value, donate it; Everything else can go in the selling pile. Weigh your options as there are many different ways to get money for your clothes. One of the easiest and most ideal ways, of course, is with us!

Visit Too Good to be Threw for your best consigning options. Ridding your closet of clothes gets easier when you know they’re going to someone who wants them or if you’re getting some cash in return. Whatever you toss will have a great, new spot in someone else’s closet. Consign with Too Good today!

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